Sunday, August 4, 2013

Take it with You

I decided to watch It's a Wonderful Life after reading some of the letters by Sandy Costa in his book "Humanity at Work".  During a key scene when George Bailey (played by Jimmy Stewart) is faced with a critical business decision about the Building Savings and Loan he looks over at the quote underneath the portrait of his Dad:

"All you can take with you is what you've given away"

The "self" is constantly in an evaluation of give and take.  T.H. (my Vistage Bud) has a motto for his life - "Give more than you take".  And in our balance sheet world that is a good attempt in measuring success.  But the quote above goes further - a goal of complete giving.  Its message goes beyond physical/tangible assets. 

If you were granted a wish to take five things with you (at the end) what would they be?  (see blog 9/13/2009 Five and Five Exercise)

Are those the things that are lasting?

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