Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Running Around

"Before I begin, a note of warning: the topic we are about to explore may not be suitable for our young listeners (or readers)."   Standard NPR content advisory

As I was telling S.S. the story about "Pets or Meat" and the demise of the rabbit with a club -- he winched.  "Ooooh, that makes the meat tough". 

"What" ...    did you say?

"Well you have to kill the rabbit in the proper way for the most tender meat result"  S.S. said matter-of-factly.

"And how do you do that?"

"Well you slit the throat." he replied.

Clearly, I am just a city slicker and have had no experience in this area.  I do remember the option to see the slaughter of hogs at my old client Hillshire Farms and Kahns during my Accenture career.  I decided to avoid their normal tour of this part of the processing facility (purposely scheduled just before lunch) for all the faint of heart (and Accenture consultants in three piece suits).  However for my staff that wanted to see this (R.T.) the procedure was quick and simple.  Hang the Hog by the hoof; slit and let drain.

This whole discussion reminded me of Mom's story about harvesting turkeys at Thanksgiving.  Chopping the head off and the ensuing scene of the bird running around - headless.   Hence the expression:

"Running around like a chicken with it's head chopped off."

Vegetarians use a different expression - "Running around like a bunny in heat"   - "Pets or Tofu"  :)

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