Friday, August 23, 2013

Wire Nails

At breakfast this morning with L.C. described his travel story through hell.  The kind of hassles we have all experienced at sometime during our travel careers.  The stressful tie up on the highway, the delayed flight on the tarmac, the packed plane, your tight fit in the seat next to the overweight passenger with less than acceptable personal hygiene issues; connecting flight with no time during dinner; the airport spoiled tuna sandwich; the rude passenger who arrogantly cuts in line; tossing up the sandwich in the plane's latrine; and the bumping landing at the end with lost or delayed luggage.

L.C. concluded the story with "When I got home, I could have eaten wire nails!"

Those back of the woods expressions just pop out of guys like L.C.  They are precious since it took the context of all the above to match the need for the expression. 

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