Wednesday, September 11, 2013

App Prison

My loyalty to Microsoft was best displayed on 11/16/12 when I picked the HTC Windows 8 Phone.  But now 10 months and counting I wait frustrated that anytime I want my phone to do something (e.g. an App) there is nothing available.  It hurts to especially as Apple announced yesterday their new iphone (not very exciting but it pays to be first to market). 

G.M. the other day was showing off his new Samsung  Droid phone that will automatically scroll the screen as your eyes read to the bottom.  I thought a Windows phone would have seamless access and become just another small PC.  But as I accessed sites that use Adobe Flash (disallowed by the Windows 8 phone) and other computer features, I discovered that the phone is not just a small computer.  I do like the that allows me all my PC documents (Excel, Powerpoint, Word) accessible in the cloud and viewable on my phone.  The customization of the home screen with the dancing tiles is cool.  Yet the Apps is what is critical

So I'm 10 months into my 24 month contract that subsidized the HTC phone.  The question remains - stay in App prison or break away.

Stay tuned.

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