Tuesday, September 3, 2013


In the consulting business we used the phrase "He's a rain maker" to describe the person with exceptional talent in attracting new customers or consistently creating more unexpected business than the normal consultant.  Rain makers are also individuals (usually extroverts) that shake up the normal procedures.  When they join an organization they bring new energy, test existing policy and procedures, and "shake up" the status quo.

But there is a difference in "rain making" and chaos making.  Rain makers are accepted because the results (the ends) justify the means (chaos created).  Chaos makers do the opposite - create change expecting that will create the rain only to find drought - d-raining the organization.

We had a neighbor that was a Chaos maker.  Came to our neighborhood, created all kinds of radical and immediate change in the landscape of his property, stirred up problems for all those (including us) adjacent to the property, and then left town within three years of creating the chaos.  Their chaos has continued to "pollute" the neighborhood even after the adjacent properties had turned hands several times (we left 10 years ago).  

Beware of the Chaos-makers.

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