Friday, September 20, 2013

Book Arrivals

Rev. Stover entered the room today with the box of books (Circle Maker by Mark Batterson) for the Friday Morning Men's Group. It immediately reminded me of when the elementary school teacher would enter the room with the Scholastic books that we had ordered at school.  Such an exciting time - first the negotiation with Mom on what books we could order and then receiving them to take home to read.

The paperback books with glossy covers and tightly pressed pages begged to be opened for the first time.  It had been at least six weeks since ordering the books, and the memory of what was ordered had faded.  So it was a joy and a renewed surprise to see which books had been chosen. Something was magical about owning the books selected to be read.

Mom was always generous in her investment in this wonderful tradition and building in each of her kids the love of reading.

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