Friday, September 6, 2013

High School Football

Tonight was the first Friday night home game for the Indian Hill Braves and the Booster Bash.  A perfect September evening as temperatures dropped from the high 70's to 56 degrees.  I was "on point" on several fronts - volunteering for the Booster Bash and the "supervision" (parent in waiting) for Ellen and friends that were attending the game.

Standing at the end zone fence, I observed the real action (off the field) of the various groups of kids (from elementary, middle school and underclass high schoolers) all "hanging out" paying no attention to the game.  At least the Seniors were dressed up in spiritwear and were organized as a cheering section in the home stands.

Across the nation, High School Football dominates the Friday night activities.  Just before the 7pm kickoff with the crowd leisurely sauntering into the stadium, the band began to play the National Anthem.  Suddenly, as if a snapshot had been taken, everyone and everything stopped as the band played on. 

.... And the home of the Brave. The "frozen" picture restarted and lives journeyed on.  Yet for a moment in time the Community all came together, stopped their agenda and through reverence to freedom, listened to the song that unites us all - a country blessed to be playing high school football across the land.

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