Thursday, September 19, 2013


As I was reading the research paper on Musical Personality, the professors used the " Brief Loquaciousness and Interpersonal Responsiveness Test (Swann & Rentfrow, 2001) - the BLIRT in their study.  Specifically this test discriminates between individuals who tend to express their thoughts and feelings as soon as they come to mind (blirtatiousness) and individuals who tend to keep their thoughts to themselves.

Naturally, I couldn't resist taking the test (after all I'm a self help junkie) with the following result:
 Your response type:


Your answers indicate that you are a high blirter, which means that you have a tendency to express your thoughts as soon as they come to mind, become very engaged in conversations and interrupt those around you, and respond to people in conversations quickly. Because you're good at keeping conversations going, others see you as very sociable and likable. If you're not careful you may sometimes come across as brash. In general, you think well of yourself, partly because your willingness to express yourself allows you to get your needs met with little difficulty.

  Your self-criticalness:


You scored in the moderate range on the criticalness scale. This means that you tend to rate yourself as neither high nor low on the following dimensions: critical, judgmental, moody, controlling, dominant, patient, warmth, and tolerance.

You too can take the test at:

And what rhymes with blurt?   curt, dirt, flirt, girt, hurt, pert, quirt, shirt, skirt, spurt, squirt, vert, wert, yurt

Yurt??????  What's that?

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