Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Just One Song

It all started when I heard American Pie by Don Mclean over the Labor Day Holiday.  It was on Jenna's playlist.  I immediately spoke up and said - that was the winter of 1971 my senior year of High School.  A vivid image of a grey Saturday in Cleveland popped into my head.  I was driving a group of us from the Methodist youth group to a volunteer activity on the West side.  We were all singing the song (8 +  minutes worth) in the car. Why I connect that particular event with the song is a mystery - but many songs conjure up a vivid memory in time.

So -  that put me on to a music project.  I decided to create a playlist of songs for each year from 1962-1982 consisting of only ONE SONG for each of the years.  Upon a search of the internet I found Music Outfitters which had a list of the top 100 songs for each of those years.  This task is not easy given my history of the endless hours I spent listening to the radio and taping songs on Dad's reel to real tape recorder.  Regardless - I plowed on and for the hardest years I picked three first and then tried to narrow to one.

Before I publish my list, I intend to go back an find what songs I actually taped to verify if my taste in favorites has evolved  (however back then I was not just limiting my recordings to just one song per year).

BTW - American Pie was my 1972 pick.  (Why 1972 - the song was released in November 1971 but made the top 100 in 1972).

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