Monday, November 28, 2016

I'm Sorry

Measuring and quantifying things has dominated my interest and study in life.  So when it comes to emotional feelings I have wondered about love, hate, sorrow and joy.   Intellectually I have stated that love is infinite and mysteriously and can't be quantified.  However Jesus in the Bible posed the question to Simon - "Now which of them [the two debtors] will love him [the forgiver of the debt] more?" Luke 7:42  

More means a quantity and in this case it is based on the amount of debt forgiven.  Later in verse 47 Jesus says "But whoever has been forgiven little, loves little".  

So what popped into my mind immediately -  Trump's answer to the question (July 2015)  about asking God for forgiveness - "I am not sure that I have".  However he then followed up this statement of doubt by talking about his participation in communion as his form of asking for forgiveness.  We all need our methods of being forgiven -  a lot!

Forgiving is mysteriously wrapped up into the emotions of guilt, sorrow and hate.  The hardest five or six words to say in the English language are  "I'm sorry, please forgive me".  Pride and power makes these words almost impossible to publically verbalize. 

Just remember - saying I'm sorry is saying I love you ..... a lot.


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