Sunday, November 27, 2016

Ornamental Opinions

Decorating brings out the very opinionated side of each of us.  This year the major dispute came about by the central location hanging ornament that greets each new visitor as they enter our front door.  It traditionally has been a large green and white jeweled globe with a white ribbon.

But traditions change.  Last week in an unusual move, I purchased from the Shaker Village gift shop (yes me), a large mobile star made of basil wood. Probably too fragile to hang outside, I placed it in the location of Christmas tradition - A Star is Born.

Jenna was on the same track of changing tradition when she had purchased a mistletoe  decoration to hang in the same location.  Purchased to coordinate with her beautifully decorated tree she was quick to find allies to remove the hanging star.

Finding compromise is difficult as there is only one critical entrance available.  Susan was thrust into a calamity of Christmas conflict. 

The advantage of "first to market" has temporarily won the battle.  But I suspect the millennial will win the war.

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