Friday, November 25, 2016

Frozen or Fried Turkey

One turkey was not enough this year - we decided to have a backup and appease me in putting my Butterball Fryer to use again after three years of rest.

Actually it was by luck that Susan allowed a second turkey.  Since her loyalty is to Butterball she gave Ellen strict orders not to come home last week from Kroger with anything but a Butterball Turkey. Alas, when Ellen was at Kroger the only Butterball Turkey was a new technology - Frozen to Oven Bagged Turkey called "Ready to Roast Whole Turkey". Yet another first and would be added to the prior year Turkey variations:

2013 - Fried Turkey Experiment
2015 - Turkey Trials

So Susan allowed a second traditional frozen (needing thawing)  Butterball turkey to be purchased and agreed to another Turkey contest -Frozen or Fried.

Well the results are in -  Fried Turkey won hands down in taste only. The Ready to Roast wins in convenience, time, cost, and cleanup. 
Caution - never put a frozen turkey into a fryer unless you want a very explosive fire.

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