Thursday, November 17, 2016

Sweater Weather

It is my first day of wearing a sweater, when Ellen informed me that the temperature was expected to peak at 71 degrees.  While we have had a few days of fall chill and frost has come, wearing a sweater has not been necessary. 

I personally like the image of a sweater and I try to find excuses to wear all types - vests, V neck,  and crew.  I prefer pullover to cardigan (button) and plain versus patterned.  My last sweater was a Christmas present from the girls.  It was a plain blue pullover, zipped V neck, with patched elbows (Vineyard Vines I believe).  It has become my favorite.

I am also partial to sweater vests.  J.B. quipped at Sunday fellowship, "I see you are wearing your 2nd Amendment sweater" awaiting for my ability to decipher his intellectual wit.  Alas, as he smiled to my puzzled inability to understand, he revealed the punchline:  "You know, the Right to Bare Arms".

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