Friday, November 18, 2016

Monkey or Pig

I've been reviewing my "dinosaur blog" - namely "penned" spiritual journal(s) that I started over 10 years ago.   Back in October 2007 there was an entry from the book "Treasures of the Transformed Life" by John Ed Mathison - namely Chapter 27 titled "Faith is Rewarded".

As we approach Thanksgiving (and the natural cycle of Stewardship campaigns, Salvation Army Red Kettles, Crossroads Thanksgiving Meals, Non-profit donor requests, and Christmas giving), it is natural to reflect on the emotions, calling, and action of everyone of us.

Are you a monkey or a pig?

How to catch a monkey - put seeds in a gourd with a small hole on top.  The monkey will grasp the seeds with his fist, not let go and can't get them out.  He'll continue to hang on to those seeds, even until people come and capture him.  Is that what we are doing with our time and money?

Pigs never look up.  They will eat almost anything. They keep their head down looking for another acorn or nut.  Never looking up to give thanks for where those nuts and acorns come from. Is that what we are doing - consuming endlessly without even looking up to say thank you?

Maybe we should release our grip on money and pause to look up for the blessings we have been given.  

"No one has ever become poor by giving"   Anne Frank

 PS  -   For the Chinese Zodiac fans ..... this is the year of the Monkey. 

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