Tuesday, November 29, 2016

What God Thinks

Today I will finish C.S. Lewis - "A Life" a biography written by Alister McGrath that is the start of the small group Susan and I are participating at Crossroads.  Since I rarely read fiction books, I have not read any of his Narnia books but will likely be required at some future date as we continue with this small group. 

"Lewis did not really see himself as "creating" Narnia.  Creation is a misleading term. He preferred to think of human thought as "God-kindled" and the writing process as the rearrangement of elements that God has provided.  The writer takes "things that lie to hand" and puts them to new use".

And so it is in the random bloggers posts of their thoughts and philosophy. The ebb and flow of my own personal blog is a rearrangement of memories, current events, relationship connections, and soul searching answers to purpose. 

It brings to mind the quote I have already used in a Vistage presentations to answer why I blog?

"I write to discover what I think"  Daniel Boorstin  (Former librarian of Congress)

Maybe I should modify that with a C.S. Lewis spin"

"I write to discover what God thinks"

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