Thursday, December 1, 2016

Happy Self Day

Birthday calls, cards, texts, emails, and ......  Facebook/LinkedIn posts - which make you feel most appreciated?    Do any of the technology driven Birthday wishes even count?

I've never been a big Birthday celebration person as it seems like just any other day (other than probably to the Mom's in the world who were ... "all in").  But the reality is seeing the technology acknowledgements by other does require them to do something to acknowledge and congratulate you electronically (even if they are prompted by the web site reminder). 

First this year was Susan (since I didn't log in my computer or look at my phone) with a wonderful birthday card (yes a physical birthday card with a handwritten note).  Next in line was Ellen with both a gift and a card.  Then technology took over - text from Jenna (6:28am) followed by a slew of Facebook, LinkedIn  friends and even vendors, retailers and interested institutions (Cinemark; Allstate, Miami Oxford, Adidas, etc.)

You could say that every technology congratulations started with my input of the Birthdate in te web site  profile.  So was I indirectly  congratulating MYSELF?? (how's that for the ultimate narcissistic trend)?  Google even had a birthday cupcake on my phone automatically and on my computer search page. 

I suppose Apple is researching how Siri could automatically sing happy birthday to me on a phone (that is if I ever would get an iPhone ---NEVER).  Microsoft (Bing) is again behind the times - absolutely nothing!

Blue Mountain allows the sender to generate an e-card today and send up to a year in the future.  I wonder how many dead people get Birthday wishes?

So ..... why not top all this off with the MOST  narcissistic birthday wish of all.  A blogger wishing himself a Happy Self Day:

Happy Selfday Garen.   Have a Wonderful Day.  :)


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