Thursday, December 22, 2016

Calling all the Time

I have been reviewing the study that our Men's Fellowship Group did back in Sept. 2006 - "The Blueprint for Life" a study by Mike Kendrick of Ministry Ventures Inc.  The last 8 minutes of Tony Evan's talk on "The Importance of Calling" is one of the best summaries I have heard about purpose and time.

"Time is given for one reason..... to accomplish your purpose", preaches Tony.  We sit inside of time and God "ordains" that time and when it is complete.  "You can die before your time, but you can't live longer than your time" Tony adds.  So if you don't have purpose you will not use time wisely.

So what happens if you believe you have wasted time without knowing your calling?  That's the Grace you have been given - and even today you can get back those years by changing your focus.  Making the most of the time you have left recaptures the prior lack of focus.

Every time you think about death is good because it should remind you of time.  And... since we are all going to die - you might as well start living........ your Calling ........ all the time.

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