Monday, December 26, 2016

Sundays of Christmas Past

All the guests left today and the excitement of Christmas 2016 is now history.  I can't remember the last time Christmas landed on a Sunday (actually it was 2011) and it is not 1/7th of the time.  In fact the next occurrence is 2022 and only 14 times in the 21 century. 

I asked J.R. today at lunch when New Years Day this year?  His response - same as every year 7 days from Christmas - hence Sunday. 

But what is the optimal day for Christmas to fall for retailers?   "Super Saturday" is actually the Saturday before Christmas Eve and was December 17th this year.  My random observation today (Boxing Day) is that retail traffic was light and sales tepid.  In fact many sales were pre Christmas Eve this year. So my guess is retailers are not that interested in Christmas falling on Sunday.

Based on attendance at Armstrong Chapel Sunday morning, Christmas falling on Sunday will also be a low revenue day for the offering plate.  At Crossroads there was only streaming (which I presume is pre-recorded) so attendance was only virtual (and also probably a non event).  Traditionally Christmas Sunday is the first Sunday after Christmas - which means this year it is Jan. 1.

Next year Christmas resumes to Monday - seems much more traditional for the Monday U.S. observed schedule for Holidays and less confusing for church for Christmas Sunday.


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