Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Merry Christmas Mystery e-card

Wisner Family - December  2016

It Takes TWO    is the theme  for the Wisner’s  - two loves, two lost, 2gether 22ever.   We are thankful for a mul-ti-TWO–ed of blessings including good health and spiritual wealth.   
Ellen (Second Wind –IHS Senior)  -  Twice at JH Ranch, no Words can describe the Friends she has made. Drawing Something deep in perseverance, she worked double duty in 22 jobs – Frieda’s Baking, Dog Walking, Baby Sitting; Adult Caring (Hospice).  Matched savings doubles her smile and bankrupts Garen.  Twin trips to Chicago has made her a veteran traveler with daring dual landings – all alone.  Next May marks a milestone – My am I proud of her pending graduation. Oh i only hope she stays in State.  U C we still don’t know her choice.
Jenna (Fiancée – Finally J ) – Almost two cubed years of dates resulted in a proposal with a Memorial date pending.  Still at Christ Hospital, Jenna is pairing as an Assistant Nurse Manager – half in and half out -  a double-edged schedule.  Paul Robinson (her future duet) says that she MAy Love It BUt,  she’s still singing the blues. 
Susan (Couples – Consultant) – Politics trumped her out with no tea for two parties.  She TaKEs aLL ERrors in stride. Instead, she became a couple’s coach (for all ages) focused on high wire relationship advice; downstream rapid financial calculations; and wedding dual accounting budgets.  Not one – but two Emmaus walks puts her All In – for the second year.  She’r lock it at home (vs Outback) with two new clients occasionally blowing out of the house for duplicate tournaments.
Garen (Dynamic – Dude?) -  He had to repeat the Marriage retreat first at the Lodge; second at Outback. The duplicity of material suits him well.  Booster-ed (or busted) by more time away from duplicate, he went Full Throttle into SVP Membership, Miami Mock Recruiting, and Movie Ministries.  Reversing the heat, building new bricks of legal traditions, Garen restricted his stock trading to Susan’s new found options.  He is Sirius about Holiday Traditions never forgetting the echo of Watercolors. 
Travel included Portugal, Chicago, Shaker Village, Tennessee, California with traditional stops in KS and NC and even an Ark encounter.  TWO big events pending – wedding and repeat tuition creates another Magnum financial hit. This year a Cavalier candidate emerged from Cleveland only to disappoint both political Tribes.
As we recover from a year of brokenness - political incivility and political divisiveness - our family reflects on this year’s power of TWO driven by the birth of ONE. “ONE can have a dream but TWO can make a dream so real”.  We are privileged to be connected to the ONE … and to you – TOO!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
“Again, I say to you, if TWO of you agree on earth about anything they ask, it will be done for them by my Father in Heaven.”                     Matthew  18:19

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