Saturday, December 3, 2016

Pride or Prejudice

Rarely do you get to admit mistakes or experience the growth in your own thinking.  But authors, writers, bloggers, and journal keepers have that chance. Now with visual technology advancements there is the historical trail of speeches, movement, and precise location of events with proof of attendees and fellow patrons.  Increasingly this is available for public scrutiny or as one author called it social surveillance.

Much of the basis of criticism we have of others is finding a mistake or pointing out some form of hypocritical action.. Yet every individual is subject to both mistakes and obtaining new sources of information that allow them to grow in emotional and intellectual maturity.  How easy it is for the smarter or more emotionally mature person to use their "perceived" superiority or power (in knowledge or experience) to belittle or intimidate the other.

I'm concluding that the 2016 election has been a divide driven by intellectual prejudices  fueled by the media who enjoy (and are economically incented to and rewarded for) widening this gap.  Deplorables, Racists, Dogmatic Far ... left or right; Demographic stereotyping, Uneducated, Elitist, ... the list goes on and on. 

Change the context of superiority  and think in terms of parent/child or teacher/student.  How would you communicate and interact with your child or student?  What language, examples, or stories would you use to create the necessary dialogue in your relationship?  Out of what goals and emotional connection would you accept each others actions and behaviors? Is the parent always right and infallible?  How is truth revealed and discovered?

Pride or Prejudice -  either cloak will hide your soul.

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