Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Deep Breath Please

I've been reviewing old journals (financial, spiritual, grateful lists) and blog entries.  Interestingly, my journals have little to do with world events.  My great grandmother recorded in journals every day in the 1800's and when I was reviewing them about three years ago the same phenomenon was present.  She recorded events that impacted their life, farming items, weather, birth/death, family visits or excursions etc. 

So many people are so stressed about this Presidential election and the impact of future policy and/or world events. Yet when it comes to recording the things in journals that really impact your life these macro events yield little interest or, dare I say, impact.

Someone told me Oprah Winfrey tweeted about the election: "Take a deep breath" #HopeLives.  How appropriate.  There are plenty of historical writings about the gloom and doom of the times and when read to an unknowing audience sounds just like today's times.

So try to use this advice to create peace in your life.

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