Saturday, December 10, 2016

Musical Memories

At Wednesday tennis, D.P. mentioned there would be a holiday concert in the community symphony that he plays in - did I want to attend?  That launched into the memories of my music background and the many hours devoted to practicing, playing and listening to music. 

Mom and Dad planted that seed of interest and watered it with encouragement, lessons and coaching for 15 years. Once in college (and after two years in the Miami Marching Machine), all that investment would lay dormant (other than the listening part). 

I tried to do the same with Jenna and Ellen but with less success (maybe only 6-8 years).  I remember Jenna's piano teacher saying that it takes 7 years (on  piano) to give the gift of that skill for a lifetime.  Not mastery - but the ability to sit at a piano and play a decent piece - maybe even sight read.

Using my 15 years of dormant knowledge, I asked D.P. what instrument he played.
Trumpet he replied. 

Arrogantly, I asked  "Have you played the most famous trumpet trio piece"?

"What would that piece be?  he asked, obviously indicating it must not be so famous.

I didn't know the name or composer but could easily hum it it for the tennis guys  attempting to get help.  P.N. asked for a repeat performance and an additional stanza to no avail.  D.P. even tried to google "most famous trumpet trios" on the "smart-alec" phone.  No luck!

So this is where the mind is fascinating.  I just couldn't get the tune out of my head.  How would I ever find out the name and composer?  Yet last night it popped into my memory......

The Bugler's Holiday!    And with the power of the internet - confirmation of it's stature.

Buglers Holiday - by Leroy Anderson performed by the US Coast Guard

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