Thursday, July 8, 2010

Looking Back

Alan said he wasn't interested in converting all the old movies and pictures of his parents. He really didn't like looking back that much. That thought caused me to ponder my current obsession with digitizing my parents old stuff, my collection of all the old letters, file after file of memorabilia from events, kids drawings etc.

Then I re-read the daily devotional on July 1 from the book "Daily with King" - The Advantage of Going Backward. Philippians 3:13 says "Forgetting those things which are behind" vs Revelation 2:5 "Remember therefore from where you have fallen".

Memories are filled with the same emotions of the present - joy, sorrow, gain and loss. Your choice is to concentrate on the positive or the negative. History is the best teacher - an old adage or quote that springs into my mind. It teaches us how to live our lives going forward.

I don't yearn for the past to return. I enjoy the past to recall good feelings that will last.

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