Saturday, July 3, 2010

Tricks of the Trade

Productivity is the right preparation, the right tool, the right process or technique, and the right person (meaning experience). And knowing the tricks of the trade can save hours.

Today demonstrated that to me as I attempted to drain the hot water heater and adjust our system to lower energy costs. Our system is complicated by multiple heaters, a continuous circulating pump, and water filters. When the kitchen sink no longer had any pressure, I was stumped. What had I done wrong? Time to call the handyman/plumber (Jerry).

The solution was simple (for those master plumbers who know the tricks of the trade). A simple filter on the faucet was clogged with sediment that had broken loose during my draining of the hot water heater. And the power of the internet was demonstrated again. I just searched on "low pressure for kitchen faucet" and the answer immediately popped up.

Maybe tricks of the trade is another definition of a Master (see previous blog November 13, 2009).

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