Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Talent vs Character

At the All City Vistage Meeting, Adam S. opined that "We value talent more than character" as we discussed the King James decision to play for the Miami Heat. Amazing - we are endowed with talent (although there is an argument that developing that talent is our doing) but character is learned.

How many of our "heroes" are there because of their talents. We talk about the top performers, in sports, entertainment, academic, politics, business, etc. Our expectation is that these top performers automatically have (or should have) character. Time and time again we discover the weakness of these individuals when character is needed.

Unlike talent, character is hard to measure. We know when we see it - but it is hidden until those key moments. Does character come in volume - or is it black or white, there or not?

Name the people of character you know - make them your heroes.

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