Monday, December 24, 2012

All I Want for Christmas

Reading the Wall Street journal today, I marveled at the half page ad "Mastering Differential Equations - The Visual Method".  A limited time offer 70% off if ordered by January 3.  Regular price $254.95 now $69.95. 

Well - I wonder how big the market is for this DVD series taught by Professor Robert L. Devaney (Boston University)?

The pitch:

"For centuries, differential equations have been the key to unlocking nature's deepest secrets. But now, with the aid of easy-to-grasp computer graphics, a highly visual method exists that can start a committed learner on the road to finally mastering this beautiful application of the ideas of calculus."

Wow - hold the door! Don't wait another second to get your copy ordered.  Sure to be a best seller!


Here's your ordering link:  use priority code 65108

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