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WisnerFamily          December 2012

This, the twelfth year of Wisner Christmas letters, chronicles a life full of treasure (or treasurers - Emmaus, Cincinnati Bridge Assoc. and I.H. Boosters).  Neither  silver (the hair) nor gold (the investments) make up our treasury - it's each family member's  new talents,  educational achievements, and service in life's purpose. 
Read  on to discover the new deposits for the year:
Jenna (Laborer) -  She has discovered that 6am does exist - in her PCA role at University Hospital - starting literally at the bottom. But she can lift up her nose and be proud of her Nursing     Scholarship and a future career path to the top of service to others.  Twelve  hour work shifts were only a bump in the road this year as 21 became a sobering entry into adulthood.

Ellen (World Traveler) - Taking advantage of Mother/Daughter and Father/Daughter trips, Ellen entered the frequent flyer club with flights to New York and Toronto - I guess straight A's does count for something.  Cheers to her art and exotic fingernail designs.  The Voice in choir, and no longer a Mat to be stepped on, 13 has been a year of skill not luck.  After all, getting up on water skis is an accomplishment.

Susan (Life Master) - Or is it "Master in Life"?  Don't call her a schmuck in cooking  or bridge; or a twit in her technology skills.  Her tweets are never "On the Fence" and her rotten Apple now provides a Window of financial compatibility.  As Lay Director for Emmaus Walk #108, she continues to be the spiritual head of household and masterful pray- er.   Without a new hobby, maybe the Hobbit will suffice for next year.  

Garen (Gardener) - No, it isn't a spell check error, but there was a calculation error with the eight foot sunflowers  he planted ( stick with planting pumpkins).  Garen found no Mammoth of Gold in the keen land of Vegas or the weekly football family pool. Instead, he  found a segway to treasure in daily  I.H. Boosters  bank deposits.  He is now officially a smarter alec with his HTC Windows phone (maybe he will find the perfect sleep app - or CPAP).

Projects at home included a new gate, flowerboxes and energy independence (no more oil).  The Reds were close but with a disappointing outcome (e.g. baseball and election).   However there were no family blues around trips to Chautauqua, Keeneland, NYC, Toronto, Vegas, KS, TN and IN.   Everyone is healthy and one year older and wiser (or spellchecked  -  Wisner).

As those close to us approach and pass 60 years (you know who you are! ), we are reminded of the brief time together.  A dozen Christmas letters of memories are just moments behind, yet a dozen more will seem to pass by even faster in time.  It's not a race to the finish line - it's a marathon with friends and family to the eternal treasure line.
                 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year  

"Sure, Twelve is still our number .....and each day it's the number of times I'm thankful there's such a thing as family."
                                      Kate Baker in "Cheaper by the Dozen"                                           

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