Monday, December 10, 2012

Christmas App

This weekend the snail mail Wisner Christmas Cards/Pictures/Letters were sent.  This is the twelfth year of composing a family letter - a project I have come to enjoy.  It is a way to reflect on the year, document certain milestones, and think about the importance of family, friends, relationships and time. 

Each year, as I begin to compose the new letter, it is fun to read the old letters - textual video stories. Interestingly no year stands out,  nor could I rank the years (which of course is what any statistician would do when given twelve items).

One side benefit of this self inflicted tradition (or as Susan would say obsession) of letters, cards and family picture is keeping my technology skills current.  The digitization of the content to send to 75 -100 people (who probably don't need yet another email during the holidays) has allowed me the chance to understand html issues, cell phone display, embedding musical files, avoiding spam filters, email stationary, outlook address issues, animated cards, facebook interface, etc.

What's next in the Christmas greeting technology innovation?   You tube, iphone app, holographic 3-D - prepare yourself  for the ultimate Christmas App!

PS   Dec. 22, 2009
       Dec. 24, 2009
       Feb. 24, 2010
       Dec. 23, 2011
       Dec. 25, 2011

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