Saturday, December 22, 2012

Freedom from Fear

Fear is the opponent of Freedom.  The fear of terrorist attack, nuclear attack, domestic violence, future health care, financial ruin, unbridled media, environmental abuse, corporate shenanigans, immigration, alcohol and drugs, gambling, prostitution etc.   The list of moral and safety concerns is endless.  Each of us has the choice of living out of fear or living for freedom. 
Every regulation invented for the "common good" has roots in individual fears and reaction to perceived evil.  The result of free will is the existence both good and evil.   So where is the balance in the fight of good against evil?  It lies in the golden mean of individual freedom.   
And how do laws and obedience influence us?  Laws and regulation are established to create boundaries and definition of good and evil.  But it is the individuals free will to decide to either be obedient or not (good or evil).  Every law is a boundary established to restrict free will.  More boundaries - less individual freedom.
We have the choice - create more laws out of fear or create freedom from eliminating our fears.

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