Friday, December 7, 2012

b-Lame Leaders

Blaming someone else is not leadership.  When negotiations are difficult, leaders emerge with creativity to find a way to move forward.  Leaders understand that leading is neither dictating, demanding  or directing - instead it is discussing, describing, and developing. 

The fiscal cliff continues to play out in the media with blaming rhetoric.  Threatening statements are awash with each side criticising each other saying time is being wasted.  "My way or the Highway" is the adage that comes to mind.

To lead means that others will follow - respectfully, willingly, and productively. A promotion (or election) does not make you a leader.  A title to your position doesn't automatically mean you have the skill of  a "leader".  We define a leader only after there are overwhelming followers (not 50% followers). 

It is only after the fact we see who the true leaders are.

Remember that lame is the result of b-lame.   I hope our politicians figure this out.

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