Saturday, December 1, 2012

Receiving Joy

Tonight T.C. and M.C. (two wonderful people, my SVP Cincinnati Partners, and community leaders) hosted a wonderful holiday open house for the Social Venture Partners (SVP) Cincinnati, their friends and other community "givers".  Ruth Jones (SVP International) was at the party helping us celebrate over five years of giving back to the Cincinnati community.

It was a special evening to me personally as I have found many friendships that I would have never received without being engaged as a Partner with other like minded (and "giving minded") people.  You could call it an evening for receiving joy - relationship joy.

I helped start SVP Cincinnati for very different reasons than the benefits I have accrued since inception.  It just proves that giving can return in ways you can never predict. 

There could have been no better Birthday celebration (even though 80 people did sing it to me -  thanks to L.H.) than to spend it with my SVP Partners and their "Social Network"!

Happy Birthday #5 to SVP Cincinnati!

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