Sunday, June 23, 2013

Bulls Eye

It was a fun evening tonight at J.P.'s 60th birthday party.  It was interesting to see the 50 people connected in a close and personal way to J.P and his wife.  It shows the how important relationships are in our lives.  The heartfelt tributes to J.P. shows how any individual can make an impact on another life. 

Also it shows the interconnection of relationship networks.  Circles of friendship, acquaintances and new introductions with the common tread of your relationship with someone.  Facebook tries to accomplish this (and LinkedIn for the business community), but it isn't really as affective as the real thing - personal connections. 

Almost like a wedding - think about what 50 people (or for some of us a lot less) you would want to celebrate with.  Where do you draw the line on relationships?

I developed a pictorial of my relationship network.  A series of concentric rings - the inner most rings are those in your network that you spend the most time with, are the most transparent with, are kindred spirits - that are connected to your soul.  Each successive ring are individuals whose connection with you are diminished.  Then the outer ring is everyone else - people you haven't met yet.

Your lifetime has a maximum number of hours and each of those hours (and minutes) are connected with others.  How you allocate that time becomes the most precious commodity in life.  Choosing the relationships that add purpose to your life will be the key to joy. 

Focus on people that will enter your inner circle -  the bulls eye! 

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