Friday, June 28, 2013

Cincinnati Legal

It was like the Boston Legal balcony scene (with some variation).  Instead we were sitting by the pool while the sun set talking about the past, present and future.  The friendship (now over 20 years) of the three guys was brought together by our tennis wives. 

The discussion was as philosophical and funny as the balcony scenes of Season 2 of Boston Legal.  Each of our lives and backgrounds are unique, yet random circumstances created a connection that has endured.  I have read that "perfect friendship exists between good men who are alike in virtuousness". 

I posed the question to the group - What are the values that make up your being?  What values did you try to pass on to your kids?  Each of us had quite different answers (and hence philosophical views) -  Respect for others, Courage, Honesty, Responsibility, Work Ethic, and Love.  There were comments about life lessons learned and the wisdom gained from mistakes.

Three good men - alike in virtuousness.  And to bed by 10:30pm  :)

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