Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Private Eyes

I remember reading in Bill Gates book, "The Road Ahead" his prediction that there will be a time when everything we see and hear will be able to recorded and saved.  This massive data collection of "reality" evidence would change the way we think about privacy, litigation and relationships. Just think in the heated moment of a discussion as you claim "I didn't say that"  when your debate opponent will suggest that you both "review the tape". 

The cell phone and GPS features already monitors our location and our phone and Internet exchanges are digitized and stored.  The surveillance cameras are multiplying exponentially with the capability of storing the actual video of our actions without our knowledge.  Credit card, banking transactions and even searches on the Internet collect our thinking, preferences and buying habits. Facebook even allows our friends to publish pictures and activities we do.  Put all this data in the cloud, merge it and Bill Gate's vision is materializing.

How different would life be if everyone had access to the "video of your life"?  Going back to the Johari Window (see June 4, 2013 "Say it Like it is"), suddenly the "public self" becomes totally exposed (outside of your control).  Privacy no longer exists - even your thoughts are predicted and monitored.  Hmmmm - sounds like I better re-read  George Orwell's book 1984 (which by the way has vaulted from #296 to #173 making it #25 on the  Amazon's fastest movers and shakers sales). In fact, Amazon knows who has searched on 1984 and/or purchased the book (maybe that's in the NSA database).

K.M. and I wrestled with this privacy issue as we explored the debate on the recent leak within the NSA of phone data being warehoused and available for analysis.  Although we both espouse to the philosophy of "living life anticipating it might be published on the front page of the WSJ" (and Facebook proves this is happening), accountability to oneself and God is best left to your own private eyes.

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