Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Square or Hip

He's a "hipster". said A.M. at lunch.  A what? I asked.  Hipster - someone who is "hip".  Well, I knew what hip was --- but not what hip is now!  In fact the term Hipster actually started in 1940 but now its:

(1) In your 20's and 30's
(2) Independent thinking, well educated, liberal arts degrees (some math and science qualify)
(3) Counter culture, progressive politics
(4) Cosmopolitan Districts - Williamsburg, Wicker Park, Mission District
(5) Art, Indie-rock, creative overly intellectual, and witty type
(6) Vintage thrift store inspired fashion (sneakers required)  -  edgy!!
(7) Messy shag cuts and bangs
(8)  Job ----  What job?

In the 60's there were hippies and the squares. 

Huey Lewis said it all in his song ---- "Hip to be Square"!

(1) Cut Hair
(2) Wear Business Suit (presumably have a job)
(3) Work Out
(4) Watch what you eat
(5) No fooling around
(6) Conformist (no longer a renegade)

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