Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Preaching to the Choir

I began thinking about the old adage  (well apparently not that old - 1970's) "Preaching to the Choir" or is it a bromide?

We all want to affirm our views with others so it is natural to espouse our values to the same people who practice those values (e.g. the converted).  Getting your message out to the majority might be achieved by motivating the "choir" (the disciples) to convert others.  However when the message is confusing even the "choir" is conflicted.

Clarity of message is best determined by knowing the audience and keeping it simple.  Stating your objectives first provides a context for the listeners and will advance your message.  In Ken Druck's book "The Real Rules of Life" he uses the term "Prefacing - simply setting the tone for a conversation .... your good intentions and a desired outcome".

The court room provides an excellent example of this - "Instructions to the Jury to suspend judgment until all the evidence is heard AND have discussed it THOROUGHLY with your fellow jurors."  The drama "Twelve Angry Men" by Reginald Rose had a big impact on me during Junior High - the power of persuasion and suspending judgment.

Who is your "Choir"?  Name three people you feel best understand you (remember - "honne" ?). What did you do to help bring this about?

When you know your Choir - you can better frame your message to others.

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