Sunday, June 16, 2013

Old Shoes

The weekend was full of friends, family and fellowship.  R.M. arrived Friday evening just as Susan and I returned from W.U.'s party.  It was perfect weather for the Saturday evening cookout and reminiscing about college, early career days and memories of Wayne. 

After 38 years of friendship with R.M.. there are no real secrets.  In fact any discussion is just courtesy of listening since we both already know what the other guy is thinking.  The only new facts were just updates of recent events.   Seeing and hearing R.M.  change through the lens of time, provides a sort of mirror of reflection that allows me to see my own metamorphous. His memories of my thoughts and actions from the past provides the auditing reliability that few others can attest. 

Walking in someone else's shoes is only possible when the shoes are nearly worn out.


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