Thursday, June 6, 2013

Laptop Junk Yard

Today, on the spur of the moment, I purchased a new HP Laptop at Sams Club.This was contrarian to my analysis/ paralysis personality when it comes to technology, but the $100 instant savings was too tempting.  I decided -  I'll buy it now, keep it in the box and do the analysis post facto.

Actually I have been getting irritated with the Compaq hand me down from Jenna (it is almost two years to the day - 6/18/2011).  The screen has intermittently been flickering and soon will be unusable.  So this was a preemptive "technology upgrade" strike.

I immediately shot off an email to E.W. (my personal technology expert consultant) with the specifications asking about the processor speed.  His response:  "Not Good" and suggested I check out  Naturally that vaulted me into a complete analysis and comparison of laptop values (I'll save that for a later boring blog).  

Like shopping for cars and real estate, the starting point for a buyer is to select a price range, then critical functional criteria, followed by aesthetics.  As a technology consultant I know the drill --  "How do you use your laptop TODAY?"  After all, you want to buy only what you need and use now - not useless features, or projections of future use that likely won't happen or will only happen after this laptop (or operating system) becomes obsolete.

I just can't part with old laptops.  If I keep this new one I will have seven total laptops - a virtual laptop junkyard (oops I mean a physical laptop junkyard). 

The actual virtual junkyard resides in my blog and the time messing with computers and analysis:
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