Saturday, January 2, 2016

Digitized and Organized

It was a pleasant surprise to open my gadget Xmas gift - The Echo Pen from

 I had some "elf" help from Vistage buddy T.H. who owns a Livescribe3 and demoed it at our meeting. .I emailed T.H. to suggest he send an email to Susan with an ambassador link so that both he and Susan could get $20 off the pan.

Yet as I began to explore and educate myself on the pen it was extremely confusing on which is the right pen to own - Echo, Livescribe 3 or the Wifi version of the pen.  The web site does a lousy job of explaining the differences even with a pdf comparison chart. What to do?   Return the Echo and pick a different version - or just be satisfied with what you have?

I decided to just keep the Echo pen which is more designed for the student taking notes at lectures as a stand alone pen and paper set (vs the Livescribe 3 or the Wifi which requires an additional layer of technology complexity - Bluetooth to a Smartphone or a Wifi connection.

The product demo's well and my early excitement is not yet the proper testimonial.  But as a gadget to play with - it fits the post Xmas/New Years fun.  I even sent emails to my gadget-aholic  tech friends without the proper technology system test complete.  In fact for those reading and willing to take gadget risk here is the discount information:

You'll get $20 off your new smartpen. Simply use my link below to make your purchase and enter discount code UBX15RAF93H2E in your shopping cart (expires in 30 days).

What a great way to keep all your notes digitized for future reference.  Maybe this will be a way to keep my office clean.

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