Friday, January 1, 2016

Bloggers Resolution - De ja vu

So -  A dismal 2015 performance on blogging (see Bloggers Resolution 2015) is a public display of my failure in New Years Resolutions (specifically the number of blogging entries for 2015).  So for even more public accountability and resolution delivery risk, I have listed my 2016 goals:

(1) At least double (minimum of 114 entries) the 57 entries from 2015 blog (note my most prolific year was 2010 (259)
(2)  Improve my technology organization.  With six different devices (not including my 2 dormant laptops on my office desk), I need to get my email organized and synchronized.  This may be the year of the cloud.
(3)  Follow through with SVP Cincinnati Full Throttle membership drive.
(4)  Better monitoring and financial control over Real Estate Investments
(5) At least double entries in my "Daily 5 Grateful Journal" (from 2015 performance)
(6) Solo time with Ellen (J.H. Ranch diaries)
(7) Weight -  yes an actual New Year goal  - of 185
(8) Physical Exercise -  Weekly Tennis and Daily Walks
(9) Financial returns - exceed the S&P 500
(10) Modify and Update Giving Strategic Plan
(11) Continue Relationship traditions
(12) Readdress Project list -; Reel to Reel digitize; My Dad gift from Jenna; Collections; Book Inventory; Decade reflections;
(13) Set Health Goals - eyes, ears (yes I'm getting old)

That's enough  for now.  I'm sure there are more I could invent. What's the old adage - "Plan the work, work the Plan";  "You only get what you measure";

“If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not to people or things.”
Albert Einstein

But what about goals that include people and things :)

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