Saturday, January 16, 2016

Full Throttle SVP Cincinnati

Last night 40+ Social Venture Cincinnati Partners(SVP Cincinnati) and their guests arrived at our house for a social evening of fun and philanthropy.  It was the kickoff of our Membership drive to add new Partners and provide even more good back to Cincinnati.

It was great to see the energy and excitement of my fellow Partners as they each told our guests about their philanthropy journey of joy through Social Venture Partners Cincinnati.  Our goal this year is to add 10 new partners and over $30,000 to our existing base of 40 partners and $120,000. 

But it is not about the money - it's about our engaged philanthropy model and combines our time with the treasure.  On March 15 we will select our seventh non profit in Cincinnati that will receive a minimum of $60,000 over three years.  But each of those non-profits always discover that the real value is the Partner team that helps them increase their effectiveness and sustainability.

You could label the group a philanthropy club - but it is a very diverse set of thoughtful givers who can all come together to provide innovative solutions for non-profits in Cincinnati. We are the catalyst for social change.

"Cincinnati's Go-To Organization for Innovative and Engaged Philanthropy"


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