Thursday, January 21, 2016

Musical Coach

Yesterday was a snow day - so no blog (what an excuse).   I was assigned the MRC (Musical Resource Center) for coaching for the Semi finals of Fast Pitch 2016.

Twenty non-profits in Cincinnati will present their 3 minute pitch to the SVP Cincinnati Partners and we will vote for the final 8 that will practice and refine their pitch for the March 2 Finals.

Three minutes is not much time to introduce your non-profit and show how you are making an impact on peoples lives.   Too often they try to impart too much information with too many words.  My advice is that you will win or lose based on the first ...... and last 30 seconds. 

My suggestion to MRC for their final 30 seconds:

So….. What does MRC mean to you?   Well it’s not about trying to find America’s Next Idol or Band.  It’s not about aspiring to be the winner of The Voice.  MRC is about inspiring America’s youth through music.  MRC is about winning in Virtue – building virtue each and every day – 4 hours a day, after school, in Cincinnati.  Vote for MRC and you will be expanding our 2000  family of successful youth now and for generations to come.

Just visiting MRC was enlightening and educational.  It brought back memories of how my parents nurtured the gift of music in my life.  The discipline of practicing, preparing, and performing helped me be more successful in everyday activities.  So many kids do not have anything structured in the 4 hours after school that can create problems -  "Idle minds are the Devils playground".

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