Friday, January 29, 2016

Music to my Ears

SVP Cincinnati Partners had the difficult time of choosing 8 finalist for the FastPitch2016 event to be held March 2 downtown at the Phoenix - 6:30pm.  It was a very enjoyable night as we heard 19 worthy non-profits three minute pitch hoping to master the 4 "C"s.  Clarity, Compelling, Community Impact, and Creativity. 

Naturally I was biased because of my coaching of MRC (Music Resource Center) - but I was only one vote of the 24+ partners at the event.  I'm proud to announce that MRC is one of the final 8 and will compete on March 2.  But....... the competition is extreme.  They will have to step up their game to win it.

On the fly, I had to "pitch" SVP Cincinnati to the non-profit participants that evening.  While everyone was complimentary,  I think I could use some coaching too. :)

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