Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Technology Budget

I bought my first personal computer 34 years ago ( 1982 IBM PC) with an MX-100 Dot Matrix printer.  It was  a huge personal expenditure (over $1,500) but I justified it as a mandatory career development need for my career at Accenture.  That year I was promoted to Manager so the ROI worked. 

I began wondering today what the total amount I have personally spent on computers, expanded memory, hard drives, printers and supplies since that date.  This would be a challenging exercise for me to remember and estimate.  The number is even bigger if I include my family and any personal businesses. then add to that smartphones (which are computers) and now my Echo smart pen. 

I would say the cost of computers alone has exceeded $50,000. The cost of memory and hard drives would be $10,000.  The cost of printers $15,000.  The cost of supplies $10,000.  The smartphone, palm pilot, smart pens, tablets etc.  $5,000.  I'm sure I have missed some items or underestimated (cost of internet access, etc.).

So  - a conservative estimate would be $100K (without accounting for inflation and  investment opportunity loss.

What's the moral?   Budget BIG for you technology needs.   

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