Friday, April 2, 2010

Falling on your Sword

When the arrogant leader falls on his sword the crowd roars and the arguments wage on -  we expect our leaders to be without sin. So when hypocrisy is discovered - we crucify vs forgive.   One side starts the justifying arguments,  the other "we told you so".  The the fact remains - everyone regardless of arrogance or humility will someday fall on their sword.  How you respond to your neighbor's wound is what will differentiate you.
It's a slippery slope to rank the fall or how big the sword is.  Some justify using the past saying - "At least it's not as bad as when ....."
Actually most falls on a sword are fatal --  that is a fall without forgiveness.  The tough thing is forgiving someone who offers no others forgiveness (a form of ultimate arrogance). 
Today marks the week of ultimate forgiveness - the Armor of Grace.

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