Monday, April 19, 2010

Just get to it

One of my pet peeves in books and movies (DVD's that is) are the "stuff" that precedes the story. In books - Praise quotes by readers, acknowledgments (by the author), foreword, introduction, preface - all before chapter one. I've never written a book and the temptation to write all the stuff at the beginning would be intense. I really doubt the author wrote these beginning items prior to the book - so obviously they are out of time sequence.

For DVD's it's alittle different - the previews of other movies, maybe a blu-ray commercial, then the rolling credits and title prior to the first scene. The previews and commercials make more sense in our intensely over advertised society.

And if that isn't enough - the endings for books can get onerous - conclusion, epilogue, appendix and acknowledgments (that's ok with me if put at the end),notes, permissions and the ending list goes on and on.

One thing I know for certain - disc jockeys never read those parts.

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