Thursday, April 22, 2010


My parents mentioned a relative (my Grandmother's sister) who may soon enter the Supercentenarian club - the one in a thousand centenarians who make it past the age of 110. There are 72 women and 3 men - do the math.

First you have to make it into the centenarian club (age 100 +) which means you are a first-born daughter from a large
family, born in January and raised on a farm in the West (for the US club members only).

I watched the PBS program "Centenarian's Tell it Like it Is" the other day. What struck me was how much technology had changed in 100 + years. In the early 1900's only 8% of the households had phones; there were only 8000 cars and 144 miles of paved road; Other random facts are equally surprising (Las Vegas had a population of 30).

What will the next 50 years for me be like? And what will be my quote?

"The pessimists I've known have all died young."
— Philips L. Carret, age 101

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