Monday, March 28, 2011

Bike Around

Memories of my first visit to Hilton Head popped into mind from 1980.   Someone had told S.C. and I how much fun Hilton Head was and that you could "bike around" the island.   We took the suggestion literally (thinking the island was small) and thought we could bike ENTIRELY around the Island.  Off we went from Palmetto Dunes on the rented bikes early in the morning - on the hard sand (tide was out) and the wind at our backs.  It was easy "sailing" down the beach as we made our way south toward Sea Pines.  We rounded the tip of the island only to discover  we were blocked by an incove of water. 

We had biked 10 miles around the tip of the island  and now that we were blocked we would need to reverse our path.  But now the tide was in - the wind was in front of us -  the sand was soft and the afternoon sun hot ---UGH!!   We determined there was no way to make it back via the beach.  Off inland we rode attempting to find our way (or any path) back.  By 2pm we made it back a round trip of 20 plus miles for un-trained male rookie bicyclists - now burnt to a crisp

Yes we "biked around".

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