Thursday, March 3, 2011

Pens and Ink

I went to Staples the other day to get a refill for a unique pen that sits in a monogrammed clock holder next to my big family room chair (A Fathers Day gift from Jenna and Ellen). While I was there I decided to get refills for my other pens - Parker, Mont Blanc, and Cross.

It was amazing the number and variety of pen refills. Even the simple ball point - presumably standard size doesn't really apply (I bought a universal type that can be cut to size - which didn't fit because the tip was slightly larger).

It just shows even the simple nature of a pen is filled with complex parts. This has morphed into the same problem with printers. It is almost impossible to find the correct ink cartridge without bringing in the old empty or carrying around the model number of the cartridge or printer type.

How many pens and printers sit idle awaiting ink refills - too complex to find?

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