Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Portfolio of Good

Tonight is the annual SVP Cincinnati partners meeting and I will be presenting the Dashboard of the Portfolio of Good. J.E. suggested a Executive Decision Dashboard tool as a means of monitoring and evaluating the four Investees (e.g. our Non Profits we have picked) . A common business tool that I "pushed" as a consultant at Accenture, it provides the executive a simple way (red light, yellow light, green light) to evaluate progress on Key Performance Indicators (KPI) or Critical Success Factors (CSF).

Evaluating Non-Profits is a non-trivial task. Filled with terminology on outputs and outcomes, measuring is tough (Albert Einstein said it well - 01/17/2011 "Counting Feelings"). But "you get what you measure" and with no attempt to measure "you get nothing".

I relate it to my own philosophy about investments - "Manage your Investments or they will Damage you."

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